Black Solidarity and Mental Wellness

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Happy New Year, indeed!

It’s been a long time, shouldn’t have left you…without a dope beat to step to…word to Timbaland. I stepped away to do some recovery work of my own, because no one can serve effectively when they are depleted.  (More on that later.)

I am beyond excited to announce that I have been invited to speak at the Yale Black Solidarity Conference 2019, on February 9, 2019!


“The theme for our conference will be: “Still I Rise: Navigating Collective Black Trauma and Resilience”: This year, BSC will address mental health in the black community by exploring the causes of historical and contemporary traumas. The conference will focus on different forms of self-care, self-preservation, and survival tactics through the discussion of topics including resilience based in community, spirituality, and art. Together, we will strive to collectively process and prosper.”

BSC is the largest student-run annual conference in the United States. Each year, we bring approximately 700 undergraduates to our campus to engage in discussions about black activism and our collective goals, plans, and actions in the context of today’s society.

Honored. Blessed. Floored. Excited. Let’s do this.

Fellow mental health advocates and I will be on a panel workshop, “Art + Affirmation” to discuss healthy coping mechanisms for young Black people. I’ll share my experience with art and mental health advocacy, and to give tips on how best to deal with emotions in a healthy manner.

(If you want to contribute to this empowering experience for Yale University’s black students, I will be posting further details for the panel workshop and details for support.)