New Art Show! | #LxveMatters

Community building just keeps on going!

In just 10 days (August 27th, 2016), I will be featured at #LxVEMatters, put on by The Lxve Collective.

ilxve art exhibit flyer with frame and sponsors (1)


Peep this: LxVEMattersPressRelease

This isn’t just another curated event or artsy showcase. Jonathan Tease, one of the event organizers, speaks on the aspirations of this special show:

“This is more than just an art exhibit. It’s a meeting of the minds for individuals looking for ways to invoke change, but have started to feel hopeless. Our goal is to show everyone that ‘LxVE’ is the answer to the root cause of many of the terrible tragedies we’ve recently experienced. We also want to empower our attendees to take action in their communities and to be the change they are so desperately seeking.”

We’ll be spreading positivity, promoting self-love, healing, unity, and appreciation for all marginalized groups through art (music, film, photography, painting and mixed media.) Who’s we?

Featured Artists:

  • Myself, Mia Anika
  • Dizzy Art
  • Quintavious Oliver
  • Jaquan Cummings
  • Molly P
  • Jamal Parker

If you’re in Atlanta Saturday August 27th, this is where you need to be!!

I will be painting live, with brand new work and items for sale! You don’t want to miss it!

Get your tickets here!

CIAO! (I am oh so excited!)


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