Back in the Day

image image image image image image image image imageI spent New Years Day being pretty reflective and introspective, and in clearing out drives found my process photos from my DJ painting, Back in the Day (2014), acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 20″. Awww, nostalgia.

I used glazing techniques to painstakingly build up the composition, one layer of color at a time….the results were stunning. I’m still quite proud of it, although my dad points out that I had “too many knobs on the mix board” 😑😒 (whatever; the idea was a vintage turntable, with a measure of artistic license 😜)

Blue Moon Experiment

image image image image image image image image image

Since I fluctuate frequently between figurative and non figurative paintings, on occasion I do a fun pairing to find my middle ground: I merge my brushwork from traditional portraits with the organic shape matrices of the Microcosm series.

I learned I have to work on 2 or 3 projects at the same time to keep everything fresh. So I also painted a pink ribbon handbag in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, working on the blood orange moon in between coats.

Two different sides of my whimsy 😁😉✨😍

Watch Night 2014


I am a worshiper. My whole life is about bringing glory and honor to God, praising Him for His sovereignty, His grace and mercy, and love that never fails. I believe strongly in worship through the arts, giving Him back the creative potential He gave us, whether it be song, dance, drama, or fine art.

imageI paint live at events and competitions for fun–I enjoy rising to the challenge, especially when I’m observing a theme/time limit. In participating in such exercises over the last 3 years or so, what I’ve dropped in technicality I have gained in speed! Minimum time limit: 1 hour (2011) to 10 minutes (2012) to 6 minutes (2013) to 5 minutes (2014), for a painting around 18″ x 24″.

So, when Pastor Barnette of Peace Baptist Church approached me for New Year’s Eve service (a.k.a. Watch Night Service) at our new building, I was thrilled at the opportunity!

Just as in November, I would paint as the dancers performed their choreography to a specific song. The song length was my inspiration and my time limit, give or take a couple minutes: Turning Away by Bryan Anthony Wilson, 3 minutes 38 seconds 👀😳

Whoa. Challenge accepted. Holy Spirit, do what You do best. And He did.