A Serendipitous Moment: Collection Project, 12/1/12

Roughly 5 days until we present our completed exhibitions, I am STILL reading, compiling information, typing, and executing ever shifting plans! What an experience! I cannot even in my current frustration say that I would never go through with such an undertaking again, considering that 1. For the most part, I enjoy rising to the challenge and 2. I am a studio artist who shall at some point (hopefully soon) be putting shows together in an internship, or on my own. Oh, and I plan on taking the continuation of this class in the spring, the Process class, which is even more personally involved than Methods!

In spite of its tedious and cumbersome nature that makes the process somewhat repulsive, research can bring about such lovely moments of enlightenment. I am learning about myself as much as I am logging information about these artists.

In the last 10+ intense hours of reading, I have realized that I want a partner as loving and supportive of me &my art as Louis Vergniaud Pierre Noel was of Lois Mailou Jones. I also want to be the type of mother that inspires and uplifts her child, like Betye Saar did for her daughter, Alison. [and of course like my own mom]

It is funny to find yourself in the lives of others. In examining all these artists under as much of a microscope as one can get via books, journals, pamphlets, exhibitions and exhibitions catalogues, I find it so pleasantly surprising who I relate to. We may not have even remotely the same background, as in class/status or childhood or even occupying the same region of the U.S. or time period, yet I can see parts of myself in their thoughts and their struggles, just as I admire their actual works, perspectives and passions. It’s similar to those teen magazines where they interview television and movie stars or singers and rappers, and they list their favorite colors, foods, music genres, hangout places, and inspirations–you have moments of “Oh, really?! So do I!”

Perhaps I have spent way too much time watching Lifetime Movie Network; back to work!