Printmaking: Paste Papers=Patience

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The paste papers we made turned out pretty awesome! The inks themselves dried out to be a lot lighter in value than I thought they’d be, and of course all the papers were either wrinkled or curled up towards the ends.

Our class split into two groups: One half went with Anne to witness her demo on screenprinting, while the other half could iron over their papers to press them flat and make more patterns. So I took these photos with my phone, and them ironed.

My color palette carried alot of blues, greens, and purples, so my papers wound up looking very “aquatic”…I was satisfied with the results, although waiting for the iron to be available was a pain in the neck.


Kilgore Cafe: PreShow Jitters

So I’m super excited and tired and NOT sleeping!! Thanks to Chaina Dobbs (affiliated with Spelman, the AUC, Ill Lyterati), I have an opportunity to display and sell my art at Kilgore Cafe at Morehouse College tonight (Jan 19th)!  I’m only supposed to bring 10 pieces with me at the most, but of course I’m trying to get as close to 20 sellable works as humanly possible in one night/morning/day.

Prepping for Kilgore defines burning the candle at both ends; I haven’t been so busy with multiple art projects since AP Studio senior year of high school! It definitely means no sleep! I am doing touchups and/or complete re-dos of projects I pulled from my portfolio in the last four years, mostly high school. A lot of the assignments in Art 160: Visual Thinking were rough studies; finished works were mostly done on Lennox paper (more fragile than rag papers like BFK and thus in need of framing to sell). As for Liquid Media, well, Nell is still holding onto my midterm birdcage and my purple mononchrome head from last semester!! 😀

Here is my task list after various retouches:

  • Size the paintings and drawings. Jot down their dimensions.
  • Make brief descriptions for each, including size, media, possibly where inspiration came from
  • Price and then create small price tags added to the bottom corner of the work

It’s the LAST  part that’ll be the kicker! What am I to use for price tags, adhesive labels? Printed out tags? Old’fashioned pentagans tied with string and stapled on the piece? When will I have time to get this done when I have to be finished with everything before 4 p.m tomorrow—and I HAVE CLASS AT 3:30??!!

My estimated time of arrival must come before 7:30 p.m., so as to have time for set up–and getting lost, accidents, traffic, incidentals–everything must be wrapped up no lter than 5 p.m.! I have the strongest inclination to attempt to make maybe 1 or 2 more paintings tonite…

Pretty in Purple

As a late Christmas/ birthday present for my uber-feminine grandma, I decided to paint her a picture of a pair of high heels and your typical, elegant-flamboyant-bordering-on-over-the-top church hat. They’re her favorite accesories that she stacks up in her closet like sneakerheads owning all the Jordans! Not to mention Grammi is a complete diva; you sure can’t tell her ANYTHING when she comes to church all dolled up, gleaming and coordinated head to toe. One would definitely think she was walking down the red carpet at the Celebration of Gospel rather than attending service 😀 But, I digress.

To capture the sheer essence of such a fashionista, I layered watercolor and Neocolor crayons on Strathmore paper, with some special touches from metallic acrylic paint to produce this:

My idea was to make the shoes and hat appear to be within a box, the ones from the department stores that have tissue paper lining them up. Suprise, Grammy!! Happy birthday!

This project took me a grand total of 19 hours to finish, from research (Googling the structure of hats and finding one in my aunt’s closet close enough to the shape I needed) to adding shadows to the nearly finished product. I set up my still life (real world reference: beige Nine West pumps in a Macy’s box), then sketched the shoes in various positions and drafted the chosen sketch onto the larger paper. The next several hours were taken up by appplication of countless washes of blue, red, grey, turquoise, lime green, violet-red…detailing of values in different hues via Neocolors…painting the hat…detailing rhinestones and ribbon in metallic paint…

I started at 3 p.m. Jan 10, 2012 and wrapped it up on the 12th at 6 a.m. *Phew!*

By the way, she almost cried…and my invented fantasy hat closely resembled the one she wore to church that Sunday!! 😀